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National Meeting Presentation | #AIRA2018 Recap & Highlights from Roundtable Discussions

National Meeting Presentation | 1-1 vs 1-Many Patient Active/Inactive Status: Why You Should Care

2016 Standards Advisory Community Webinar

Issued on November 2, 2015 by AIRA

Webinar | AIRA collected comments on a draft of the 2016 Interoperability Standards Advisory document. To ensure community consensus, AIRA hosted a community-wide meeting to discuss the draft comments and AIRA’s response in November 2015

A Community Conversation about Interjurisdictional Exchange

Issued on April 7, 2016 by AIRA, ONC, Network for Public Health Law

National Meeting Presentation | A Community Conversation about Interjurisdictional Exchange

National Meeting Presentation | A Dashboard for Tracking Progress Toward Achieving the IIS Functional Standards

A Global Health Perspective: IIS and the Global Opportunity

Issued on September 20, 2018 by The Task Force for Global Health

National Meeting Presentation | A Global Health Perspective: IIS and the Global Opportunity

National Meeting Presentation | A Multi-purpose Evaluation of Open Source Immunization Clinical Decision Support Tool

National Meeting Presentation | A Multi-State Consortium to Improve IIS Training & Education

National Meeting Presentation | A National Look at Data Exchange Variation and Improvement Initiatives

Survey on data sharing and usage for research. Staff size and time were 2 most cited barriers to conducting research with IIS data

National Meeting Presentation | A Novel System for Analyzing IIS Data – The Trends in Immunization Practices System (IIS-TIPS)

A Primer for VTrckS

Issued on June 8, 2011 by AIRA

Webinar | CDC provided an overview of the technical VTrckS requirements while Washington and Michigan shared their perspectives and experiences in rolling out VTrckS

National Meeting Presentation | A Systems Perspective on Dose-Level Eligibility

National Meeting Presentation | A Tale of Two Collaborators: The IIS Sentinel Site Project and CDC

AART Q&A Sessions

Issued on May 3, 2016 by AIRA

Webinar | These Q&A sessions were open to anyone in the IIS community to ask any questions or hear about what others are finding useful about the AART tool

AART: Painting a Picture of Your IIS

Issued on April 6, 2016 by AIRA

National Meeting Presentation | AART: Painting a Picture of Your IIS

Accepting Insurance Data

Issued on October 2, 2017 by AIRA

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To expedite access to immunization records on individuals displaced by recent hurricanes, AIRA compiled information on out-of-jurisdiction record access from Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas and the Virgin Islands

Accountability Survey

Issued on September 20, 2012 by University of Michigan

National Meeting Presentation | Immunization Grantee Perspectives on Dose-Level Accountability in IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Address Cleansing 2.0: Bringing Cleansed Data Back In