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Article | This study evaluates the impact of using IIS data to identify unmet vaccination needs in adults seeking the influenza vaccine. The study found a 41.4% increase in the number of vaccines administered, and significant improvements in routinely recomme...

National Meeting Presentation | Assuring Correctness and Consistency in AFIX-IIS Coverage Implementation

National Meeting Presentation | Interstate Collaboration on an AFIX-IIS Integration Project

AFIX Implementation Improvement Journey: Lessons from Eastern Washington

Issued on April 26, 2017 by Spokane Regional Health District

National Meeting Presentation | AFIX Implementation Improvement Journey: Lessons from Eastern Washington

AIRA Discovery Session: VTrckS and IIS

Issued on April 24, 2017 by AIRA

Webinar | This AIRA Discovery Session focused on VTrckS and IIS, and involved an encore presentation of a stellar session from the AIRA 2017 National Meeting. Jessica Rao from NYCCIR presented on using VTrckS data for data quality, Jacy Fitzpatrick from STC pr...

ImmuSMART: IIS/Community Pharmacy Interventions

National Meeting Presentation | IIS and VFC Working Together to Effectively Lean Engineer Enrollment

National Meeting Presentation | MN Staffing Model for IIS Integrating Vaccines for Children Functionality

National Meeting Presentation | The AFIX-IIS Integration Project—The Good, the Bad and Lessons Learned

National Meeting Presentation | Using IIS Data to Monitor Uptake in Adult Immunization Recommendations

National Meeting Presentation | Increasing Adult Data in an IIS: Adult Providers, Pharmacies, and Beyond

National Meeting Presentation | Update on Adult Vaccinations and Immunization Information Systems, 2015

National Meeting Presentation | Expanded Use of VTrckS Data for IIS Data Quality and Improvement

National Meeting Presentation | Usability,Theory to Implementation: A Case Study Improving Vaccine Ordering

National Meeting Presentation | Public Health Impact of VTrckS ExIS Implementation

Webinar | This session featured a presentation from Envision on their upcoming AFIX-IIS Integration Project.

Webinar | This session offered a demonstration of the SMART AFIX tool being created by STC

The IISSB-issued CDSi project captures the ACIP recommendations and provides uniform representation of vaccine decision guidelines

Webinar | Representatives from Washington and North Dakota discussed the importance of provider engagement during this session