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This document provides CDC’s requirements and recommendations for incorporating AFIX assessment functionality in IIS

Clarification on implementation methods in an effort to point all IIS towards common, standardized ACK messaging

This guide describes practical considerations and key decision points in designing a population-based assessment using an IIS

Survey and summary report prepared by AIRA's Provider Training Workgroup

MIROW | Full Guide, Mini-Guide

MIROW | Full Guide and Mini-Guides in English, Spanish and French

MIROW | Full Guide and Mini-Guides in English, Spanish and French

MIROW | Full Guide, Mini-Guide

MIROW | Full Guide, Mini-Guide

National Meeting Presentation | Communicating and Training IIS Users: Washington’s Story

National Meeting Presentation | IIS-EHR Partnerships: Providing and Displaying Immunizations and Clinical Decision Support in EHRs

Webinar | The AIRA Education Steering Committee hosted a webinar to provide an introduction to the ExIS Usability Best Practices Catalog, which documents best practices for vaccine ordering and inventory management. Participants learned about usability, saw a ...

Final IIS assessment measures and tests related to query and response. Developed by the Measurement for Assessment and Certification Workgroup (MACAW) as part of the IIS measurement and improvement process.

This document explores the various issues that impact IIS security and provides guidance on industry standards and best practices for addressing common security concerns. This guidance is intended to assist IIS administrators in engaging their IT staff and ven...

AIRA 2017 Education Survey Summary Report

Issued on September 7, 2017 by AIRA

In early 2017, the AIRA Education Steering Committee assessed the educational needs of the IIS community. This report includes an analysis of the results, which will be used to guide the development of new resources and educational opportunities

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