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This report includes aggregate results for Data Quality Incoming/Ongoing Assessment for IIS participating in the Measurement and Improvement (M&I) Initiative. Assessment is completed quarterly using measures and tests developed by the Measurement for Assessmen...

Vaccine credentials are a hot topic across the IIS community right now. On this AIRA Discovery Session, several experts will share some of the latest efforts being implemented and under development within the US, and key aspects to consider as IIS contemplate ...

A Discovery Session webinar focused on the Immunization Integration Program (IIP) Acknowledgements Workgroup's experience and ongoing efforts being done to improve data quality. This session highlights an exciting partnership between the IIP, Epic, Vanderbilt ...

AIRA Letter and Comments on ONC's United States Core Data for Interoperability, Version 2

A Discovery Session webinar focused on COVID-19 hot topics. A combination of updates about IIS-specific COVID-19 hot topics (e.g., data quality for race and ethnicity) and time for questions and community discussion.

Discovery Session to hear from AIRA members and partners about the initial “lessons learned” from the first weeks of the COVID-19 vaccine response

2020 IISAR

Issued on November 30, 2020 by CDC

The IISAR is an annual survey that assesses immunization program performance in developing, maintaining, and enhancing Immunization Information Systems for a given calendar year. It is a reporting requirement for the 64 immunization programs that receive fundi...

Preliminary Guidance on Serologic Testing

Issued on October 29, 2020 by AIRA

The purpose of this preliminary guidance developed by an SISC small workgroup is to assist IIS, EHR vendors, and other stakeholders in preparing for the technical requirements of creating HL7 messages containing serologic results as proof of immunity during th...

AIRA Discovery Session: COVID-19 Vaccine Readiness

Issued on October 26, 2020 by AIRA, CDC

Webinar focused on COVID-19 Vaccine Readiness - An Overview of CDC’s COVID-19 Preparedness Report and AIRA’s Measurement and Improvement COVID-19 Standards Alignment Report

Measurement & Improvement

Issued on September 22, 2020 by AIRA, OR

Select AIRA 2020 National Meeting Presentations: Learn about IIS community success, data at rest pilots, and Measurement and Improvement (M&I) 2020 Validation recognition If you are interested in listening to a recording of this webinar, please email info@imm...

Data Use

Issued on August 25, 2020 by AIRA, U of MI, CO, NASHP, Discern Health

Select AIRA 2020 National Meeting Presentations: Learn about using IIS data to improve immunization rates and public health

Data Quality

Issued on August 18, 2020 by AIRA, CT, ND, OR

Select AIRA 2020 National Meeting Presentations: Learn about several data quality initiatives throughout the IIS community

An orientation session designed to help IIS get started with SmartyStreets

Webinar | The Measurement for Assessment and Certification Advisory Workgroup (MACAW) held a community wide town hall meeting to discuss Acknowledgment (ACK) Processing Rules and Proposed 2021 Submission & Acknowledgment Validation including NDC Measures 15 an...

A Discovery Session webinar focusing on the Data at Rest (DAR) pilot project and the data quality tools available to IIS to monitor data quality by provider

Phone Numbers in an IIS

Issued on April 29, 2020 by AIRA

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Webinar focused on lessons learned from H1N1 and how they are informing the response to COVID-19

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