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IIS Orientation to Provider Onboarding: Resources Checklist

The IIS Orientation to Provider Onboarding: Resources Checklist serves as a starting point for staff who are new to an IIS onboarding role and/or are new to interoperability as it relates to immunization messaging

Technical Assistance Service Offerings

Technical Assistance Service Offerings

Issued on November 30, 2022 by AIRA

This Technical Assistance (TA) Service catalog documents the available services and resource offerings available to the IIS community by AIRA. These resources can be used to plan and implement internal improvements and to help prioritize enhancements. This ca...

SmartyStreets Address Cleansing and Geocoding Orientation

An orientation session designed to help IIS get started with SmartyStreets

Advanced HL7 for IIS

Advanced HL7 for IIS

Issued on January 26, 2018 by PHII

This course builds on HL7 Basics to dive deeper into how HL7 works. Learners will explore conformance, constraints, and message profiles. We'll also cover how the Implementation Guide constrains the HL7 standard, how local specifications are set up, and how co...

The Impact of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Interoperability on IIS Data Quality

Article | An evaluation of the impact of EHR interoperability on the quality of immunization data in the North Dakota IIS

Immunization Information Systems Patient-Level Deduplication Best Practices

Document | This resource is designed to be read by programmatic, technical, and operational experts who are involved in creating or maintaining an IIS. The document intends to bridge the gap between technical and program staff so they can have a mutual underst...