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IDAC Takeaways

IDAC Takeaways

Issued on March 1, 2024 by AIRA

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Takeaways from the IIS Data Analyst Collaborative (IDAC) in February 2024

Redefining vaccination coverage and timeliness measures using electronic immunization registry data in low- and middle-income countries

This commentary discusses how measures for assessing vaccination status and program performance can be redefined and recalculated using data when generated at the health facility level and the implications of the use and availability of electronic individual-l...

Identifying Immunization Pockets of Need – Small Area Analysis of IIS Data to Detect Undervaccinated Populations

This document explores how to use small area analysis to find pockets of need and provides strategies for responding to pockets of need

Preparing for Vaccination Coverage Assessments: A VFC Provider's Guide to Success

This document provides guidance for immunization provider sites, and provides best practice recommendations on how to best utilize IIS reports to improve data quality prior to running a vaccination coverage rate assessment.

Comparing and Communicating Vaccination Coverage Estimates from IIS, NIS, and Related Assessments

This guide provides practical tips that can be used to help explain vaccination coverage assessment results to decision makers, such as senior public health leadership, legislators, and the media

Practical Examples of IIS Population-Based Coverage Assessments

This Addendum to the Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an IIS describes real-life examples of coverage assessments using IIS data. These examples (from IIS in New York City, Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota and Washington state) provide explan...

Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an IIS

This guide describes practical considerations and key decision points in designing a population-based assessment using an IIS

A survey report on awardee experiences using IIS for immunization coverage assessments

Patterns in meningococcal vaccine update surrounding school-entry requirements changes in Arizona