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This document outlines activities IIS could undertake to support the pandemic response while securing long-term system sustainability

AIRA webinar regarding strategy and support for COVID-19 vaccination supplemental workplan applications

CDC Panel Discussion: Advancing IIS Together

Issued on August 4, 2020 by AIRA, CDC

Select AIRA 2020 National Meeting Presentations: CDC leadership shares their vision for advancing IIS together, with Q&A after the panel discussion

Funding to Support IIS Operations

Issued on September 19, 2019 by AIRA

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CMS Matching Funding Program: 90/10, 75/25, 50/50

Issued on August 13, 2019 by Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, CDC, MI, LA

National Meeting Presentation | CMS Matching Funding Program: 90/10, 75/25, 50/50

National Meeting Presentation | Nebraska’s Parkinson’s Disease Registry and NESIIS

National Meeting Presentation | Mission Not Impossible: Idaho’s Journey to Acquiring HITECH 90/10 Funding

Webinar | This AIRA Discovery Session included a presentation from Tina Scott with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Immunization Program on partnering with Medicaid and CMS to leverage 90/10 HITECH funding in your jurisdiction.

Funding Options to Fulfill Requests for Data

Issued on February 13, 2017 by AIRA

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Toolkit | This planning toolkit provides guidance on preparing to work with Medicaid on securing federal matching funds. Those funds can be used to support IIS readiness for Meaningful Use and Health Information Exchange. The toolkit includes tip sheets and wo...

National Meeting Presentation | Using IIS Doses Administered Data to Predict Future Vaccine Funding Needs

National Meeting Presentation | Saving Vaccine Costs by Using IIS Data for Vaccine Ordering Recommendations in NYC, 2013-2014

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