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Address Cleansing Partner Agreement

Address Cleansing Partner Agreement

Issued on July 14, 2022 by AIRA

Outlines the terms between AIRA and an IIS that participates in the community address cleansing service. This agreement must be reviewed, signed and returned to AIRA for an IIS to enroll in the program. (Please note: the attached agreement is the version that ...

IIS Reintegration of Cleansed Addresses and Geocodes

This document builds upon the previous implementation guide and provides a more in-depth exploration of address cleansing for IIS programs. The document also provides guidance for reintegrating validated and standardized addresses and geocodes back into IIS

Incentivizing Use of Geocodes

Incentivizing Use of Geocodes

Issued on May 29, 2018 by AIRA

Information about AIRA's geocoding contest, which was created to incentivize participation in SmartyStreets, the no-cost address cleansing and geocoding service available to all IIS programs.

IIS Implementation Guidance for a Shared Address Cleansing & Geocoding Service

How an IIS can use and integrate the SmartyStreets address cleansing and geocoding service into its organization. Interested IIS can find more information about the service and how to enroll in it on the Address Cleansing Service webpage.

A description of the pilot program conducted as proof-of-concept for the shared address cleansing and geocoding service recommended by the Joint Development and Implementation Workgroup. More context about the pilot can be found on the Address Cleansing Servi...

An examination of what types of address cleansing and geocoding services would be most useful for the IIS community. More context about the project can be found on the Address Cleansing webpage

This community-driven document provides practical guidance and considerations for collaborative IIS projects