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Webinar | The Education Steering Committee hosted a webinar to describe CDSi, what it is and what it isn’t, how CDSi is used and CDSi compliance. This webinar was presented by Eric Larson (AIRA and Northup Grumman) and Stuart Myerburg (CDC)

This two-part Discovery Session reviewed the 2016 IIS Annual Report (IISAR)

2016 Standards Advisory Community Webinar

Issued on November 2, 2015 by AIRA

Webinar | AIRA collected comments on a draft of the 2016 Interoperability Standards Advisory document. To ensure community consensus, AIRA hosted a community-wide meeting to discuss the draft comments and AIRA’s response in November 2015

Webinar | This webinar featured Jim Daniel with ONC who provided an overview for public health stakeholders on the Meaningful Use Stage 3 and Certified EHR Technology Rules

Webinar | This session featured Jim Daniel from ONC who provided an overview and introduction to Meaningful Use

Low Adult Vaccination Rates Pose Health Risk

Issued on September 30, 2015 by UBM Medica Network, LLC

New Article | Announcement for the launch of the Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

Evaluation of the effect of reminder/recall and Primary Health Care Immunization Providers’ Training (PHCIPT) intervention on routine immunization completion among infants in Ibadan, Nigeria

Webinar | This session featured presentations from Oregon, North Carolina and STC on pharmacy participation with IIS

AIRA Discovery Session: HL7 Basics

Issued on July 27, 2015 by AIRA

Webinar | This session featured a presentation by Nathan Bunker who presented on HL7 basics

Webinar | The Education Steering Committee hosted this webinar to highlight the ways IIS are being integrated into immunization programs in Oregon, North Dakota and New York City

Immunization clinical decision support (CDS), more commonly referred to as evaluation and forecasting, is an automated process that determines the recommended immunizations needed for a patient and delivers these recommendations to the healthcare provider.The ...

AIRA Discovery Session: IIS Testing

Issued on May 26, 2015 by AIRA

Webinar | In this session, a representative from HPE reviewed the User Acceptance Testing process, and a representative from OR shared some state-level experience with setting up systems to track bugs, bug fixes and enhancements

National Meeting Presentation | Working Together: Using IIS to Support Immunization Program Goals and Activities

National Meeting Presentation | Strategies for Using an IIS to Address Adult Immunization Disparities

Collaboration among 6 States to Implement Online VFC Provider Agreement

Issued on April 22, 2015 by WA, AK, Scientific Technologies Corporation

National Meeting Presentation | Collaboration among 6 States to Implement Online VFC Provider Agreement

National Meeting Presentation | Collaborating with Partners to Increase IIS Data Completion and Accuracy

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