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Evaluation of MIROW Guidelines Impact on IIS Operations

Issued on July 31, 2014 by Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit, University of Michigan

This evaluation report and accompanying presentation describe how MIROW best practices are being implemented across the country and the impact 3 of the MIROW guidelines have had on IIS operations

National Meeting Presentation | North Dakota Immunization Information System Vaccine Ordering and Inventory Management

National Meeting Presentation | Using Our Power for Good: Colorado’s Transition to an ExIS State

National Meeting Presentation | VTrckS ExIS: Successes and Future Direction

National Meeting Presentation | Two-Dimensional (2D) Vaccine Barcode Pilot: Lessons Learned

National Meeting Presentation | Changes in Vaccine Distribution Associated with Conducting Vaccines for Children Program Accountability Using New York City’s Citywide Immunization Registry

National Meeting Presentation | Staying the Course to Achieve an Efficient, Sustainable, Modern Business Model for Vaccine Management and Accountability

Preparing your IIS for a Sustainable Future

Issued on October 7, 2013 by Hewlett Packard

National Meeting Presentation | Preparing your IIS for a Sustainable Future

National Meeting Presentation | Sustainability in a Time of Transition and Uncertainty

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