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IIS Data Quality

Issued on July 28, 2014 by AIRA

Webinar | This session discussed why data quality is important, ways data enters systems, ensuring data quality and developing an ongoing data quality plan for the IIS

Webinar | This webinar was hosted by the AIRA Education Steering Committee. Speakers from North Dakota and Nebraska discussed IIS data quality and interoperability

This article found that health care organizations that submit electronic data to IIS should be aware that the technical decision to use the HL7 format, particularly if real-time data exchange is employed, can result in more timely and accurate data. This will ...

Meeting slides, environmental scan, initial findings and final report

National Meeting Presentation | Using Mind Map as a Communication Tool in a Vaccination Data Quality Improvement Project

National Meeting Presentation | Contribution of the IIS Sentinel Site Project to the IIS Community

National Meeting Presentation | Uptake of Meningococcal Vaccine in Arizona School Children after Implementation of Immunization Requirements at School Entry

National Meeting Presentation | Immunization Deduplication: A Program Developed in New York City to Reduce Duplicate Immunizations

National Meeting Presentation | Challenges of Maintaining High-Quality Data in an IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Patient Deduplication - Going Beyond the Automated Function

National Meeting Presentation | National Practice Assessment: IIS Patient Deduplication

National Meeting Presentation | Provider Feedback Reports for Improving IIS Data Quality to Monitor Vaccine Accountability and Immunization Coverage

National Meeting Presentation | North Dakota Immunization Information System Monthly Error Report

Data Quality Assurance

Issued on September 19, 2012 by MI

National Meeting Presentation | Data Quality Assurance

National Meeting Presentation | Interoperability Benefits Can Lead to Great Unintended Benefits and Improved Data Quality

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