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National Meeting Presentation | Strategies for Using an IIS to Address Adult Immunization Disparities

National Meeting Presentation | Using IIS Data to Improve Assessment of Eligibility for Vaccines for Underinsured Children

National Meeting Presentation | Emerging Standards and Best Practices for IIS-Based Vaccination Coverage: - Introduction to Analytic Guide for Assessing Immunization Coverage Using an IIS - AFIX-IIS Coverage Report Integration - Comparing NIS and IIS Vaccin...

National Meeting Presentation | Coverage Rates in NYS: Impact of Programmatic Activities and Policies on 4:3:1:3:3:1:4 Rates

National Meeting Presentation | Using an IIS to Estimate Tdap Vaccine Effectiveness During a Pertussis Outbreak

National Meeting Presentation | AIRA Centers of Excellence Award Finalist: Utah, Identifying Target Population for Adult Immunization Improvement Project by Using USIIS Data

National Meeting Presentation | Evaluating the Completeness and Accuracy of the Wisconsin Immunization Registry

National Meeting Presentation | Immunization Registry Data for Community Vaccine Up-to-Date Status and its Correlation with Disease

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