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The IISSB-issued CDSi project captures the ACIP recommendations and provides uniform representation of vaccine decision guidelines

National Meeting Presentation | New and Existing Acquisition Mechanisms to Support IIS Strategic Initiatives

National Meeting Presentation | Clinical Decision Support for Immunization: Overview of New Resources and Future Directions

National Meeting Presentation | Progress Update on Automating VTrckS ExIS Data Exchange and the ExIS Usability Best Practices Catalog

National Meeting Presentation | A Tale of Two Collaborators: The IIS Sentinel Site Project and CDC

Leveraging Business Rules Approach for Advancement of IIS

Issued on October 9, 2013 by CDC, Business Rule Solutions, LLC

National Meeting Presentation | Leveraging Business Rules Approach for Advancement of IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Staying the Course to Achieve an Efficient, Sustainable, Modern Business Model for Vaccine Management and Accountability

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