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National Meeting Presentation | Matching Enhances IIS Data — Assessing Tdap Uptake During Pregnancy in Washington State

National Meeting Presentation | Characteristics Associated With Michigan Children Under-immunized in Their First Year of Life

National Meeting Presentation | Using Existing Disease Reporting to Publicize Registry Influenza Immunization Tracking in Oregon

National Meeting Presentation | Putting Best Practices to Work: Colorado’s Experience with IIS-Based Centralized Reminder/Recall

National Meeting Presentation | Using an IIS to Provide Quarterly Human Papilloma Virus (Hpv) Coverage Detail to Medical Providers

National Meeting Presentation | Using IIS and Vital Statistics Data to Measure Racial/Ethnic Immunization Coverage Disparities in MN

National Meeting Presentation | Testing Reliability of Regional Coverage Rates Using Registry Data in Voluntary Reporting Areas

National Meeting Presentation | Implementation of Provider-Based Text Message Recall Through an Immunization Information System

Article | Evaluates technical and organizational characteristics of healthcare provider reporting of immunization in Minnesota to assess the adoption of standardized codes, formats and transport

Survey on data sharing and usage for research. Staff size and time were 2 most cited barriers to conducting research with IIS data

A survey report on awardee experiences using IIS for immunization coverage assessments

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