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Webinar | AIRA's Assessment Steering Committee hosted this webinar to introduce the new resource, Practical Examples of IIS Population-based Coverage Assessments. This resource is an addendum to the Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an II...

Article | This study evaluates the impact of using IIS data to identify unmet vaccination needs in adults seeking the influenza vaccine. The study found a 41.4% increase in the number of vaccines administered, and significant improvements in routinely recomme...

How Using Bi-Directional State Registry Data Changes Immunization Rates

Issued on July 19, 2017 by Scientific Technologies Corporation

Article | This study found a 40% increase in additional vaccinations given at the time of flu shots when pharmacists had access to IIS data

Patient Active/Inactive Status

Issued on July 19, 2017 by AIRA

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Webinar | This Discovery Session featured an epidemiologist from Colorado who shared how they use an open source forecasting tool called the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) within the Colorado IIS

Fundamentals of IIS

Issued on May 10, 2017 by PHII

eLearning | Three popular courses in one collection! This course collection builds a fundamental understanding of three essential topics for IIS staff: Data Quality, Interoperability, and HL7 Basics. Each topic includes an eLearning module (30 minutes estimate...

National Meeting Presentation | Statewide Immunization Reminder & Recall Postcards

Establishing Data Linkages for Targeted Immunization Data Analyses

Issued on April 27, 2017 by CDC, ND, MN, MI, NYC

National Meeting Presentation | Establishing Data Linkages for Targeted Immunization Data Analyses

Leveraging Your IIS to Vaccinate Refugees

Issued on April 27, 2017 by KY

National Meeting Presentation | Leveraging Your IIS to Vaccinate Refugees

National Meeting Presentation | Linking IIS and Clinical Databases to Assess HPV Vaccine Effectiveness

Use of IIS for Determining Compliance with School Vaccination Requirements

National Meeting Presentation | School House Rocks: Use of Roster Data in the IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Impact of 9vHPV Vaccine Introduction on HPV Vaccination in North Carolina

National Meeting Presentation | Pnowing About Pneumococcal—An Inquiry into Vaccine Coding and Use

National Meeting Presentation | Measuring Maternal Vaccination Rates: Comparison of Two Methods

National Meeting Presentation | Understanding the NIS and Its Relationship with IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Evaluating the Feasibility of Using IIS as a Sample Frame for the NIS

National Meeting Presentation | Estimating U.S. National Vaccination Coverage Using IIS Sentinel Site Data

National Meeting Presentation | Immunized on Time? Impact of Household Dynamics on Childhood Immunizations

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