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IIS Interjurisdictional Exchange Administration & Coordination

This document serves to draw all current interjurisdictional exchange activities together to define a process and goals for administration and coordination among AIRA’s membership

Guidance on Indicating Preferable and Contraindicated Vaccines

This document outlines an approach to specify preferred or contraindicated vaccine types in a response message

Guidance on Populating OBX-14

Guidance on Populating OBX-14

Issued on September 6, 2019 by AIRA

This document provides guidance on how to populate OBX-14 for common observation types

Vaccine Administration Errors

Vaccine Administration Errors

Issued on June 20, 2019 by AIRA

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AIRA sent out an Information Request from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to the membership to gather the collective expertise of the IIS community regarding vaccine administration errors

AIRA Letter and Comments on ONC's TEFCA Draft 2

AIRA Letter and Comments on ONC's TEFCA Draft 2

Measures and Tests for Assessment - Transport

Final IIS assessment measures and tests related to transport. Developed by the Measurement for Assessment and Certification Workgroup (MACAW) as part of the IIS measurement and improvement process

Preparing for Meaningful Use Stage 3: Overview

Preparing your IIS for Meaningful Use Stage 3 and the use of 2015 certified EHR products is a long and complex process, but the judicious use of available tools and resources will help ease the transition. This document aims to outline some of the steps requir...

Promoting Interoperability Incentive Program Readiness Checklist

The readiness checklist for IIS to use to ensure they meet Meaningful Use Stage 3 technical and operational requirements was updated in 2019 to meet “Promoting Interoperability” Incentive Program requirements.