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Business Continuity Planning for Immunization Information System Programs

The purpose of this guide is to help IIS programs develop and implement business continuity plans and management systems.

Management of Patient Status in Immunization Information Systems

Patient status is a concept used in immunization information systems to identify the party that is responsibility for vaccination of a patient at a provider organization or geographic jurisdiction level. Active status of a patient with a provider organization ...

MIROW and the Best Practice Development Process

In 2017, the MIROW Steering Committee conducted a review of the MIROW process and products and determined that there were certain materials that remained largely consistent between all guides (e.g., MIROW background information and common vocabulary). The comm...

MIROW Suggested Reading Paths

MIROW Suggested Reading Paths

Issued on March 27, 2015 by AIRA

This document can be used to help navigate the MIROW chapters by staff role