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Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations

Onboarding Consensus-Based Recommendations

Issued on November 15, 2018 by AIRA

The purpose of this AIRA guide is to improve and standardize onboarding. This document is intended for both technical and programmatic staff that make up IIS onboarding teams and program administrators responsible for the allocation of onboarding resources. EH...

Identifying Immunization Pockets of Need – Small Area Analysis of IIS Data to Detect Undervaccinated Populations

This document explores how to use small area analysis to find pockets of need and provides strategies for responding to pockets of need

Guidance on Unit of Sale/Unit of Use Lot Numbers

Guidance on Unit of Sale/Unit of Use Lot Numbers

Issued on June 14, 2018 by AIRA, CDC

This guidance clarifies the process and sets expectations for management of varied vaccine lot numbers, and shares the results of a survey of vaccine manufacturers regarding their practices in assigning Unit of Sale and Unit of Use lot numbers using a pattern,...

Preparing for Vaccination Coverage Assessments: A VFC Provider's Guide to Success

This document provides guidance for immunization provider sites, and provides best practice recommendations on how to best utilize IIS reports to improve data quality prior to running a vaccination coverage rate assessment.

Guidance on Detailed Message Structure and the Use of Specific LOINC Codes

This document contains best practice recommendations from AIRA’s SISC and the CDC on how to structure and populate VXU and RSP messages using specific LOINC codes to include observations such as patient immunity, refusals, indications/contraindications and a...