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National Meeting Presentation | Do you have IIS Training Questions? Ask AIRA!

AIRA Strategic Plan Presentation

Issued on October 8, 2013 by AIRA

National Meeting Presentation | AIRA Strategic Plan Presentation

National Meeting Presentation | AIRA 2012 National Meeting Welcome and Update

National Meeting Presentation | Uruguay's Nominal Immunization Registry: One of the Oldest Nominal Immunization Registries in the World

National Meeting Presentation | Inventory Management Operations: Best Practices for IIS

National Meeting Presentation | Paraguay’s New Immunization Information System: Jumping the EPI to the 21st Century

National Meeting Presentation | Uptake of Meningococcal Vaccine in Arizona School Children after Implementation of Immunization Requirements at School Entry

Webinar | The Measurement for Assessment and Certification Advisory Workgroup (MACAW) hosted a town hall meeting to discuss the proposed IIS assessment measures for submission/acknowledgement and query/response as part of the IIS measurement and improvement pr...

Webinar | This session focused on the development methods of agile and waterfall, and the strengths, challenges, and considerations of each

Webinar | This session offered a demonstration of the SMART AFIX tool being created by STC

Webinar | This session included an overview of the new Confidentiality Guidance that was sent out to the community for review. Comments were due on back to AIRA in August 2016

AIRA Discovery Session: AART

Issued on August 1, 2016 by AIRA

Webinar | This session focused on AART, or the Aggregate Analysis Reporting Tool. AART will be the tool used for IIS Managers/Leads to indicate their participation in IIS assessment and share results of IIS assessment measures

Webinar | The Measurement for Assessment and Certification Advisory Workgroup (MACAW) held a town hall meeting to discuss the proposed IIS assessment measures for message transport as part of the IIS measurement and improvement process.

Webinar | Representatives from Washington and North Dakota discussed the importance of provider engagement during this session

Using IIS Data for Coverage Rates

Issued on June 21, 2016 by AIRA

Webinar | AIRA's Education Steering Committee hosted this webinar featuring presenters from Michigan, North Dakota and AIM who shared ideas for improving coverage rates using IIS data from an immunization program manager's perspective

Webinar | At this session, representatives from the MIROW Steering Committee talked about the process for MIROW chapter development, and the release of the latest chapter: “Decrementing Inventory via Electronic Data Exchange.”

Webinar | This session featured presentations from Oregon, Kentucky and Tennessee on lessons learned from IIS platform transitions

Webinar | An in-depth introduction to the Analytic Guide for Assessing Vaccination Coverage Using an IIS, including the process of developing the Analytic Guide and the elements of coverage assessment

Webinar | The AIRA Education Steering Committee hosted a webinar to provide an introduction to the ExIS Usability Best Practices Catalog, which documents best practices for vaccine ordering and inventory management. Participants learned about usability, saw a ...

Webinar | This session included a star-studded line-up of IIS talent, who shared the ways that all AIRA members can plug into activities across the community

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