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AIRA Discovery Session: Address Cleansing

Issued on October 22, 2018 by AIRA

Release of the Address Cleansing Reintegration Guide that provides practical guidance on bringing standardized and validated addresses and geocodes back into your IIS

Webinar | This session featured a presentation from Envision on their upcoming AFIX-IIS Integration Project.

Webinar | This session focused on the development methods of agile and waterfall, and the strengths, challenges, and considerations of each

Webinar | This session included a star-studded line-up of IIS talent, who shared the ways that all AIRA members can plug into activities across the community

Introduction to the newly released MIROW guide, Business Continuity Planning for Immunization Information Systems Programs

Jan Hicks-Thomson from the IIS Support Branch at CDC provided an overview to the 2018-2022 CDC-Endorsed Data Elements. Amy Metroka from New York City presented on considerations for incorporating new data elements into the NYC CIR and Eric Larson from AIRA sha...

Information on CDC’s planning for Provider Onboarding Shared Services and opportunity for CDC to hear from attendees about onboarding topics

This session focused on CDS Assessment in AART and getting the most out of your report

Webinar | This session included an overview of the new Confidentiality Guidance that was sent out to the community for review. Comments were due on back to AIRA in August 2016

Considerations for developing Policy for the IIS community, including discussing documentation that is being used in the community and examples to consider when drafting documents

This session focused on Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and provided considerations for documentation of service performance measures across IIS and all services that support IIS.

Eric Larson and Nathan Bunker from AIRA discussed new technologies, including FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), and what they mean for the IIS Community.

The first volume of the new IIS Functional Guide on Query and Response was introduced by Eric Larson, AIRA Senior Technical Project Manager and Kevin Snow, Technical Developer at Envision Technology Partners. The longer-term vision will be additional functiona...

Overview of the recently released Functional Guide Volume 2: CDC Endorsed Data Elements

Webinar | This AIRA Discovery Session featured presentations on HEDIS (the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) and discussed the development process for HEDIS measures, as well as the contribution of IIS data to the measurement process

AIRA Discovery Session: HL7 Basics

Issued on July 27, 2015 by AIRA

Webinar | This session featured a presentation by Nathan Bunker who presented on HL7 basics

Jane Lammers, HL7 Interface Manager with the Nevada IIS shared HL7 Basics focused on how to read an HL7 message. Nathan Bunker from AIRA also previewed more HL7 concepts for an upcoming session.

Webinar | This session provided guidance on completing IIS Business Plans in 2015. A recording of this webinar and accompanying slides including an example of the New York City 2014 CIR Business Plan are provided

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