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Webinar | This AIRA Discovery Session included a presentation from Tina Scott with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Immunization Program on partnering with Medicaid and CMS to leverage 90/10 HITECH funding in your jurisdiction.

This Discovery Session focused on soon-to-be released guidance on Patient Status in IIS

Webinar | This session featured presentations from Oregon, North Carolina and STC on pharmacy participation with IIS

The session focused on “Getting the Most out of Your Project Management Tools and Resources” and included presentations considering project management from three different vantage points

Webinar | Representatives from Washington and North Dakota discussed the importance of provider engagement during this session

Provider organization participation and tools for provider management

Webinar | This Discovery Session provided an overview of the new Security Guidance that summarizes common IIS security issues (e.g., risk analysis and risk management) to help IIS administrators engage in security discussions with IT staff and vendors

Webinar | Therese Hoyle, Teresa Dussault and Erin Roche from the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII), along with Jenne McKibben from the Oregon ALERT IIS, presented on the Software Development Lifecycle.

Webinar | This Discovery Session featured an epidemiologist from Colorado who shared how they use an open source forecasting tool called the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE) within the Colorado IIS

Webinar highlighting a new resource, Vaccine Code Set Considerations: If Only It Were Rocket Science

New and emerging issues from AIRA's vital records partners and a glimpse into vital record exchanges in two states

AIRA Discovery Session: VTrckS and IIS

Issued on April 24, 2017 by AIRA

Webinar | This AIRA Discovery Session focused on VTrckS and IIS, and involved an encore presentation of a stellar session from the AIRA 2017 National Meeting. Jessica Rao from NYCCIR presented on using VTrckS data for data quality, Jacy Fitzpatrick from STC pr...

AIRA Discovery Session: What is AIRA?

Issued on January 28, 2014 by AIRA

Webinar | This session focused on AIRA, how the organization supports IIS and public health and what AIRA can do for you

The results of a survey the AIRA Education Steering Committee (ESC) took of the AIRA membership in April 2014 to assess the educational needs of the IIS community

AIRA IIS One-Sheets - Add Your Logo

Issued on September 20, 2019

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AIRA IIS Self-Assessment Tool

Issued on August 31, 2012 by AIRA

IIS self-assessment tool developed by the Assessment Steering Committee

Webinar | This webinar included an overview of the Interoperability Testing project, along with a review of the detailed analysis report that will be available to each site as a result of participation. A follow-up Q&A webinar was held for participants to ask ...

AIRA's letter and comments on the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on National Health and Disease Prevention proposed Immunization and Infectious Disease (IID) objectives for Healthy People (HP) 2030

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