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IIS Assessment Aggregate Status Report - Data Quality Incoming/Ongoing Assessment

This report includes aggregate results for Data Quality Incoming/Ongoing Assessment for IIS participating in the Measurement and Improvement (M&I) Initiative. Assessment is completed quarterly using measures and tests developed by the Measurement for Assessmen...

AIRA Discovery Session: Strategies & Tools to Increase Vaccination Rates Using Reminder/Recall

In this AIRA Discovery Session you will: Learn about the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM) postcard reminder/recall program. Hear from the Nevada State Immunization Program about their efforts to increase vaccination rates among racial/ethnic minori...

AART End User Update

AART End User Update

Issued on January 20, 2023 by AIRA

The Aggregate Analysis Reporting Tool (AART) is updated on a regular basis which impacts various IIS-specific reports, features and user navigation. This update includes significant enhancements as outlined below

AIRA Discovery Session: Immunization Information Systems Annual Report (IISAR)

AIRA Discovery Session reviewing the 2022 Immunization Information Systems Annual Report (IISAR). The IISAR is available on the awardee SharePoint site. For more information about the IISAR, please contact Terence Ng or Lauren Shaw

Technical Assistance Service Offerings

Technical Assistance Service Offerings

Issued on November 30, 2022 by AIRA

This Technical Assistance (TA) Service catalog documents the available services and resource offerings available to the IIS community by AIRA. These resources can be used to plan and implement internal improvements and to help prioritize enhancements. This ca...

Compiled Public Health IIS Interjurisdictional Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Compiled Public Health IIS Interjurisdictional Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Issued on November 8, 2022 by AIRA

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Signed MOUs for data exchange to support visibility into potential and existing interjurisdictional exchanges

AIRA Discovery Session: Data Quality Assurance Guide and New IIS Best Practices Community of Practice

The Data Quality Assurance in Immunization Information Systems guide, from the Modeling of Immunization Registry Operations Workgroup (MIROW), was released in early September and this webinar provides an overview and highlights of the guide. The IIS Best Pr...

Address Cleansing Partner Agreement

Address Cleansing Partner Agreement

Issued on July 14, 2022 by AIRA

Outlines the terms between AIRA and an IIS that participates in the community address cleansing service. This agreement must be reviewed, signed and returned to AIRA for an IIS to enroll in the program. (Please note: the attached agreement is the version that ...

SmartyStreets Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartyStreets FAQ provides guidance on some of the basics of SmartyStreets and available resources to help implement SmartyStreets.

Data At Rest (DAR) extraction and data transformation resources. For more information about DAR in Testing & Discovery, contact Assiatou Diallo at

Foundational Guidance for Minimum Functionality to Improve Visibility and Access to Information from Acknowledgment Messages

Describes the process of summarizing acknowledgement messages (ACKs) in aggregate reports produced by IIS, EHRs and third-parties. ACKs are most helpful when they are summarized, reviewed and acted upon. The information contained within acknowledgment reports ...

SMART Health Cards Info Sheet

SMART Health Cards Info Sheet

Issued on December 21, 2021 by AIRA

SMART Health Cards are a simple and secure way for people to maintain, own, and share their health information as they see fit. AIRA developed a one-page resource on SMART Health Cards that defines what they are (and are not), how they can empower individuals ...

Guidance on Indicating Clinical Trial Vaccines

Vaccination events that occur as part of clinical trial can be reported to IIS under pre-defined circumstances. This guidance document provides an HL7 method to indicate the vaccination event was part of a clinical trial. It also provides additional considerat...

Data At Rest Brief Summary

Issued on November 5, 2021 by AIRA

Brief one page resource on the Data At Rest content area developed by Measurement for Assessment and Certification Workgroup (MACAW) through the Measurement and Improvement (M&I) Initiative

Data At Rest Frequently Asked Questions

Issued on November 5, 2021 by AIRA

A compilation of frequently asked questions on Data At Rest content area and the steps to participate in Testing and Discovery developed by Measurement for Assessment and Certification Workgroup (MACAW) through the Measurement and Improvement (M&I) Initiative....

AIRA Discovery Session: Interoperability Course

This session is an introduction to AIRA’s Interoperability Course. This course was designed in response to community needs to support staff working on IIS interoperability topics. In this Discovery Session you will learn about the course format, hear from pa...

AIRA Discovery Session: Vaccine Credentialing

Vaccine credentials are a hot topic across the IIS community right now. On this AIRA Discovery Session, several experts will share some of the latest efforts being implemented and under development within the US, and key aspects to consider as IIS contemplate ...

AIRA Discovery Session: IIS and Long-Term Care Onboarding and Access

A Discovery Session webinar co-hosted by AIRA and the American Health Care Association (AHCA) to discuss efforts to support skilled nursing facilities with IIS enrollment and access. This webinar covers an overview of AHCA outreach and technical assistance eff...